2 Career Services

As a UCC student you have access to information, support and guidance from the team of Careers Advisors throughout your time at UCC.


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3 The Boole Library (and how to use it)

The Library isn’t just somewhere you can get books. It’s somewhere you can do your work on your own or with others, escape sensory overload and get some help with studying. This section of the toolkit will introduce our library and how to use it, including:

  • how to tell how busy the Library is at any point
  • how to borrow and return a book
  • how to search the library for resources (both print and electronic)
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4 The Skills Centre

The Skills Centre provides a service to help students enhance their study skills. It offers customized workshops and sessions on different topics. These sessions will help develop and enhance students skills. It is a free and friendly place for all UCC students to improve their study skills, writing technique and presentation skills.

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5 Mardyke Arena

Mardyke Arena is the home of UCC Sport and Club activities. As a registered student you are given student membership. This means you can use the facilities that include gyms, a climbing wall and a swimming pool without charge.

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6 Student Budgeting Advice Service

The Student Budgetary Advice Service is one of the available supports for students. For many student college is the first time they have had to manage their own money and budget for food and other essentials. Taking a little bit of time to learn about managing your money is a good investment.

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7 Students’ Union (SU)

The UCC Students’ Union represents students in UCC. The SU’s main functions are to provide academic assistance to students, to provide support to students in need, to lobby the University and the government on issues affecting students, and to provide entertainment on campus. You can contact the different officers in the SU for advice.

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