The Boole Library (and how to use it)

The Library isn’t just somewhere you can get books. It’s somewhere you can do your work on your own or with others, escape sensory overload and get some help with studying. This section of the toolkit will introduce our library and how to use it, including:

  • how to tell how busy the Library is at any point
  • how to book a seat in a library
  • how to borrow and return a book
  • how to search the library for resources (both print and electronic)


The Boole Library is actually one of two Libraries on the main campus. The other library is the Brookfield Library, located in Brookfield Health Science Complex.

Check the Library homepage for the most up-to-date information about opening times and other important information for both the Boole and Brookfield libraries.

What to do next?

Watch some of the videos below to become familiar with how to use the library.

Practical tips

How to use the Library

You can also ask for help by using the ‘Ask Us’ service on the library website.

Welcome to the Library

This video explains how to use the library and some of the ground rules that are in place.

Using the library search function (OneSearch)

Booking a seat in the Library

You can now book a seat in the Library online. There is also a live dashboard showing how full the Library is.

Remember that you will need your student ID card to get into the Library and you must check in when you arrive at the booked seat.

There are videos available to show you how to book a seat and also how to check in to your booked seat when you arrive.

How to book a seat


How to check in at your booked seat

Finding your way around:


Additional information and links

Service Webpage: UCC Boole Library