Disability Support Service (The DSS)

The Disability Support Service (often shortened to ‘the DSS’) provides support to students with disabilities or other conditions, including students with autism or ASD.


Why would I need to use this service?

  • if you need to access formal supports
  • if you were offered a place through DARE
  • if you need to avail of exam accommodations

When should I use this service?


  • If you are a new student, as soon as possible after the start of your semester. Please note there may be a waiting period for your Needs Assessment.


  • If you are a current student who did not register as a new student and now wishes to register, you may do so at any point in your studies.


  • If you are a current student and you have just received a formal diagnosis of autism/ASD you are encouraged to register with us (please note we do require evidence of a formal diagnosis by a suitably qualified professional or multi-disciplinary team).


How do I access this service?


In order to receive formal supports from the service you must first register with the service. You will then have the opportunity to meet with a Disability Advisor who is familiar with supporting students on the spectrum. They will offer a Needs Assessment and explore the different supports that may be appropriate for you while you are a student.

Questions to think about


  • Do you know how to register with the Disability Support Service?


  • If you need exam accommodations do you know how to organize them?


  • What questions do you have around supports in college?


Additional information and links

Service Webpage: Disability Support Service