1 Starting your first year on the right track

Starting college is a huge adjustment for most students and the first few weeks of the first semester can feel very overwhelming. Read on to find out what issues may arise and practical advice on how to manage – and start your studies on the right track.

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5 How to make the most of meeting your Advisor

After you have registered with the DSS and had your Needs Assessment, you can meet your advisor again to check in and discuss any issues or questions you may have.

This post explains what you should do to set up the meeting and how best to prepare to make the most of it.

Please note all meetings with advisors are currently being held online, and not in-person on campus.

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6 How to get organized and manage your time

This article looks at the importance of organizing and managing your time effectively as a student. It explores some of the challenges autistic students can experience in this area, and offers some guidance on how to improve your own time management and organization.

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7 Telling people about your autism

By talking about your autism and advocating for yourself, you make an important step towards feeling comfortable with others. Registering with the Disability Support Service is a formal way of letting the University know you may need accommodations or supports, but this does not mean everyone you meet will know you have a diagnosis of autism (or even understand what that means). It is up to you who you tell or don’t tell – it is your choice.

This activity introduces the advantages of being open about your autism, and give some practical tips.

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