Registering with the Disability Support Service (DSS)

We advise all students with a diagnosis of autism to register with the DSS, whether or not they intend to get supports in college.


Students studying in UCC can register with the Disability Support Service in order to receive the educational supports they need during their time in UCC.

An official diagnosis of ASD, autism or Asperger’s syndrome is needed in order to qualify for support from the DSS. This is due to the way funding is allocated to the DSS. However if you do not have an official diagnosis you may qualify on other grounds, such as a diagnosis of dyslexia or on mental health grounds.


How could this affect me?

Supports such as exam accommodations can only be put in place if you are formally registered with the DSS.

Some students feel that autism is not a disability (which is a perfectly valid way to feel) and therefore do not register with the DSS. The choice is up to the individual student – but we strongly recommend that students register even if they don’t think they will need support. Think of it a net under a tightrope – you may not need it but it is a sensible precaution to take!

What to do next?

Register with the DSS - if you have difficulty with this just email and you will get support.

Practical tips

Visit the DSS website for a step by step outline of the process of registering with the DSS.

We have also given an outline of the Needs Assessment that forms the final step of this process here.


Additional information and links

UCC Disability Support Service: