Top Tips from a Disability Advisor

Gavin Deady shares some advice based on his experience supporting autistic students in university.


  • Disclosure – you should consider if you want to disclose your diagnosis/registration with DSS with lecturers/staff and other students. You can speak to a staff member about this if you wish.


  • Email – students email and – all emails from the college will be to your umail account, and all responses will also need to be from your umail. The records system we use tracks your student number so that we can manage our communication with all students.


  • Sort your timetable for both semesters – sometimes people only sort their timetable for semester 1, and then realise they have a clash in semester 2. Please ensure you sort it for the full academic year, the skills centre and others can help with this. And don’t forget to sign up for your seminars/tutorials in your free time. If you have a tutorial clash, talk to your academic department about changing.


  • Find the admin office for your department – It’s really important to get to know where the office for your department is, and get to know the people that work there, they can help with any questions you may have about the department and your course.


  • Make sure to visit An Ceantar Ciúin/The Calm Zone – we need to chill out too, you can access this space by swiping your student card to get it. It’s on the first floor. You will also need your student card to swipe into the DSS AT Lab in the Boole Library. If your card doesn’t work, don’t worry, just let your advisor know.

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